Perftech designs microperforation and macroperforation solutions.How We Work

Turnkey Solutions

At Perftech, we believe that perforation is such a valuable skill that we have made it our primary focus and the only converting process we perform in house. However, many of our customers prefer to have us provide a “turnkey solution” to their packaging requirements. To meet this need, we utilize a trusted network of suppliers to source material, print, laminate and even make pre made bags in support of our own perforating and slitting operations. Once you approve the product, you simply place your order with us and we handle the rest.

Toll Perforation Solutions

Your business may have already identified a substrate that works with your application or equipment. In that case, you may simply wish to supply that substrate to Perftech for toll perforation.

In this arrangement, you supply the material. Perftech will then perforate it for a fee and return it to your business for further conversion. We can also drop-ship it on your behalf to your customer.