Electrostatic Discharge

electrostatic perforation utilizes high voltage discharge for perforating.

Low Density Electrostatic Discharge

This proprietary technology by Perftech is ideal for applications that require very small and precise perforations – e.g., fresh-cut produce, which may utilize barrier-type substrates that need a small amount of permeation.

The perforations are created by firing a very high–voltage spark through the substrate at a very high rate of speed. The resulting perforation is small, clean and very consistent.  This consistency allows Perftech to design and deliver the perfect perforation for the proper permeation every time.

High Density Electrostatic Discharge

Similar to low density electrostatic discharge, this technology relies on high voltage discharge to create perforations. However, high density electrostatic discharge can produce a far higher level of overall permeation across the entire surface of the substrate. This technology is appropriate for thin-gauge plastics and paper where functions such as venting and filtration are the desired effect.