microperforation in the flexible packaging for produce

Perforation for Whole and Fresh-Cut Produce

Perftech helped introduce microperforation in the flexible packaging of fresh-cut produce. Our technology allows growers of fresh-cut produce such as baby carrots and broccoli to package product centrally and distribute it nationally.

In addition to extending product shelf life and distribution range dramatically, some Perftech produce clients have reduced spoilage rates by up to 20%, resulting in dramatic cost savings.

Banana growers in particular have long juggled global-distribution requirements with the need to keep product at the right stage of maturity for the consumer. Perforated films by Perftech now make it possible for banana growers to better control the ripening process, reduce spoilage and extend peak freshness. 

Growers of whole fruit such as grapes and cherries have likewise benefited from perforated substrates for lidding and overwrapping trays that are filled automatically instead of by hand as with traditional pre-made bags and punnets. The printed substrates also reduce labor costs while building brand awareness.