Perftech specializes in microperforation and macroperforation.Services

Perftech specializes in engineering the permeation of flexible substrates through the application of micro- and macroperforation.

Our skills and technology enable your business to use common substrates in new and innovative ways. Perforation can help extend the shelf life of fresh-cut produce, vent steam for microwave cooking, infuse water into tea leaves and even help wounds heal faster. 

If you’re looking for a turnkey solution, you will benefit from our thorough understanding of the relationship between product requirements, substrate characteristics and perforation performance.

If you’re already using a substrate that you need perforated and returned to you or your customer, we will gladly provide expert toll perforation services. 

We also understand that you may want extra scientific support to ensure your perforated applications will be safe and effective. Perftech’s staff includes postharvest and food science experts who can help ensure the safety of your product all the way from processing through distribution.