Perftech, Inc.: Scientific integrity and singular focus on microperforation and macroperforation of flexible substrates set us apart.

At Perftech, we believe that perforation is much more than making a hole in a substrate. It is a valuable tool that enables common substrates to be used in new and innovative ways. 

Wherever an application requires the movement of molecules such as gas or moisture through a substrate, perforation is a potential solution.

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What We Do

Perftech engineers the permeation of flexible substrates.

As specialists in the fabrication and supply of precision-engineered flexible packaging, we ensure that you achieve your specific requirements for permeability.

With six different in-house perforating technologies, we change the way gas, moisture, steam, and even sound waves and other molecules move through flexible substrates.


Why we're different

Many companies claim to perforate.  

At Perftech, perforation is our core specialization – it is the only thing we do. We’ve made great investments to ensure that your business will benefit from the widest range of perforating technologies in one efficient location.

Through years of experience, we have built up a database of perforated solutions that allows us to model your application and design the best macro- or microperforated solution for it.


Our Approach

Each new application starts with a “clean slate.”

We take a 4-step approach to providing a solution to your unique situation: Establishing your project's needs and requirements, through designing and developing the perfect perforation solution best suited to meet the project's goals.

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New European Operations

Perftech Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of “Perftech Europe AG.” Launched on January 3, 2010 and headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, this new organization will market a full line of perforated solutions for flexible packaging throughout Europe. In addition to Sales and Distribution, Perftech Europe AG will offer skilled technical support to ensure thorough understanding of customer needs and assist in product implementation and follow up.

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Perftech has announced the launch of SteamSure™ microperforated steam cooking solutions, a proprietary system for frozen meals, pastas and vegetables that go directly from the freezer to the microwave.
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Perftech has announced the launch of BrewSure™ microperforated tea bags, a revolutionary new technology that will change how tea is brewed.
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Perftech, Inc
251 Airport Road | North Aurora, IL | 60542
Phone (630) 554-0010  Fax (630) 554-0630

Perftech Europe AG
D4 Platz 4 | CH-6039 Root/Lucerne
Phone +41 (0)41 541 93 00  
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