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Solutions For Manufacturing Applications

Automotive and heavy equipment

Car and truck manufacturers face relentless pressure to achieve greater gas-mileage performance. As a result, they look to develop lighter vehicles. Hot needle–perforated films are now being combined with sound-absorbing materials to help replace heavier structures automotive manufacturers had been using to isolate road and engine noise from the passenger cabin.

House wrap

Suppliers of residential house wrap can now use perforated films as a low-cost alternative to expensive non-woven material such as DuPont™ Tyvek®, especially for commercial construction. By carefully managing the size, shape and density of holes, we can make perforated films that permit the passage of moisture vapor while inhibiting passage of liquid water.

Vacuum bag composites

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to make materials lighter for planes, cars, boats, snowmobiles and similar recreational vehicles. Increasingly this means moving to high-tech composite plastic materials that replace steel and aluminum. The process may require that plastic resin in liquid form be molded and bonded while under vacuum. Hot needle perforated films provide a sacrificial envelope that bonds the composite layers during formation while also permitting the venting of excess gas produced during the cure cycle.

Industrial piping

Large-scale mining and oil field exploration require vast lengths of large-diameter plastic piping to carry water to and from job sites. These pipes must be formed contiguously and joined with aggressive, fast-curing adhesives. Perftech microperforated films bond these lengths of pipe during assembly to provide joint strength yet also allow off-gassing to vent as adhesives cure.

Weed block

Weekend gardeners and commercial growers alike rely on durable plastic films and non-wovens to combat weed growth while ensuring moisture can reach seedlings. Perforation provides much-needed porosity to these otherwise robust barrier structures. Using our newest laser, Perftech can now also place custom patterns of large-diameter cut-outs in strategic locations in the film to fit pre-planned layouts of flowering plants and vegetables.

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