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Solutions For Medical Applications

Solutions for medical applications. Substrates for the skin-contact layer for absorbent pads and bandages range from simpler structures such as Polyester or Polypropylene mounted to an absorbent pad, to more sophisticated approaches. These include tapes equipped with pressure-sensitive acrylic or silicone adhesive surfaces. These barrier-like layers can be perforated to allow exudate from the wound to be absorbed in the backing pad while maintaining wound-site conditions that favor rapid healing.

General-purpose pads and bandages

Thermal perforation can provide extremely dense hole patterns on plain flexible film such as Polyester or Polypropylene to produce a mesh-like performance from the base film. These perforated films are then bonded with super-absorbent pads or gauzes to form a complete wound-dressing with the perforated film as the skin-contact layer. The pattern’s density and the perforations’ shape produce an effective capillary action while softening the film and creating superior comfort for the wearer.

Our many available stock patterns let you determine your application’s porosity. In addition, because thermal perforation is a non-contact technique, the risk of contamination is low and perforation results are uniform and repeatable.

Pressure-sensitive tapes for site dressings

For more sophisticated applications where comfort and durability are paramount, many wound-dressing products now incorporate pressure-sensitive acrylic or silicone-based adhesives. They help the dressing adhere to the skin yet allow easy removal after healing. Perforating these substrates can be very difficult because of the adhesives’ tacky nature. Perftech provides innovative ways to perforate the adhesive using both hot-needle and laser techniques.

Our newest laser gives us the ability to drill, cut or score through select pressure-sensitive adhesives for the right porosity for your application.

Get started on your medical application solution today

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