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Laser Perforation and Scoring

Perftech continues to reinvest in new laser-perforation technology for the most innovative and cost-effective capabilities. In 2019 we installed a brand-new, highly versatile and powerful laser perforator that allows us to perforate or score material in any direction with total precision.

Common applications for laser perforation include:

  • Fresh-cut produce in bags or trays with lidding: Customized perforation patterns help produce optimal headspace for shelf-life extension of perishable fruits and vegetables.
  • Steam release for microwave-ready packaging: Customized patterns ensure quick and uniform microwave cooking of frozen vegetables and ready-to-eat meals.
  • High-altitude burst elimination: Perforation lets the headspace in sealed packages match the changing atmospheric pressure at altitude without compromising shelf life.
  • Venting of excess air in bulk packaging: High-speed filling and case-packing lines cannot slow down for filled bags with excess air to dissipate. Perforation enables rapid deflation time.

Laser perforation can be continuous or in register with the print pattern. Because laser perforation is a non-contact method, its quick setup and changeover allow for customization of patterns to your specific application. The highly accurate control of hole size, shape and location further makes laser the ideal technology for applications requiring a precise but relatively low level of porosity.

Laser scoring for easy open and peel/reseal

Give your customers extra value with an even more user-friendly package. Scoring makes opening pouches easy with each use. Contour scoring can let pouches be sealed all the way to the top, above zippers.

Laser scoring requires no tooling. Because of its greater flexibility and lower up-front cost, it is a viable alternative to traditional rotary die cutting for peel/reseal applications.

Get started on your solution

Contact us at (630) 554-0010 today to discuss how we can add value to your material with our newest laser equipment, one of the most versatile and cost-efficient lasers in the world.