Frequently Asked Questions

What substrates can you perforate?

A wide variety of flexible substrates including plastic and paper. Common substrates include OPP, PET, PE and Nylon.

How wide can you perforate?

The widest web is typically 60 inches, depending on the substrate and the perforating technology.

How thin or thick of a substrate can you perforate?

Depending on the substrate and the perforating technology, substrates from 10 ga to 5 mil are typically possible.

How small or large can you make the perforations?

The perforation sizes can usually range from 50 microns to 2,000 microns.

Can you perforate in registration?

Yes. We can utilize registration marks, but not all perforation technologies or applications lend themselves to this approach.

Is perforation expensive?

Pricing reflects the tailored nature of our solutions. A more important question is how much value does perforation add to your business through better quality, increased shelf life or stronger competitive position? Viewed in this context, the costs of perforation pale in comparison to the benefits it provides.

Can you perforate a printed substrate?

Yes, depending on the substrate and the perforating technology employed. Many of our applications require perforations so small that they cannot be easily seen and so do not impact the aesthetics of the packaging.