thermal perforation technologyThermal Perforation

A proprietary technology perfected by Perftech over the last 15 years, thermal perforation produces precise and consistent perforations. It is particularly useful for applications requiring high levels of permeation across the full surface of the substrate.

The use of high-velocity flame creates perforations that are very clean and free of debris. Another main benefit of this technology is the formation of a strengthening ring around the edge of each perforation. Rather than weaken underlying substrates, these strengthening rings contribute to a structure that is more resistant to puncture and tearing. This creates the possibility of down-gauging substrates for yield savings.  

Used exclusively on bi-oriented substrates such as PET, BOPP and Nylon, this technology can produce perforation densities of up to 5,000 holes per square inch, resulting in a very high level of permeation.