Not All Perforations or Perforators are Created Equally

Perftech offers multiple perforation solutions

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Through perforation, substrates that are barriers to gas and moisture can be made highly permeable. A material once used only for packaging frozen food can become a functional and affordable steam cooking system. An ordinary PET lid stock can become a valve that extends the shelf life of freshly cut produce.

As specialists in the perforation of flexible substrates, we serve you with the knowledge, skill and state-of-the-art perforating technologies that you need for your application. 

We invite you to discover more about our perforating technologies for flexible substrates and packaging formats in the food, medical and industrial markets.

Our Approach

Each new application starts with a “clean slate."

Working closely with you, we first thoroughly qualify the product requirements and the effect or functional requirement you aim to achieve.

Next we determine which material offers the best combination of functionality, performance and cost effectiveness.

Then we define which of our multiple perforating technologies will produce the optimal results for your objectives.

Lastly, we design and produce a perforated solution for the application. Because we operate from a 20-year knowledge base and do our homework with you up front, we can reduce or eliminate much of the guesswork that often delays product commercialization.